Perkhidmatan Pakej Perlancongan Di Langkawi
Thursday December 14th 2017

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Langkawi Island Photos

Langkawi, Malaysia

The Legendary Island - Langkawi Island
The Legendary Island – Langkawi Island 

Langkawi’s name is believed to have originated from the abundance of eagles on the island and the geological wonder of its landscape. By putting together ‘helang’ (eagle in Malay) and ‘kawi’ (marble in Sanskrit), you get the moniker ‘helang-kawi’ which was eventually toned down to Langkawi.

This island is unique in the sense that it has so many legendsand myths associated with it.Langkawi Island is therefore also called Pulau Lagenda or Legendary Island.

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Payar Island / Pulau Payar


Beras Basah Island / Pulau Beras Basah


Dayang Island / Pulau Dayang Bunting


Singa Island / Pulau Singa


Kilim Geoforest Park


Langkawi Cable Car
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